About Saratonin

“Saratonin - Feel your best”

Founder Sara Viklund has worked as a professional hairstylist for over a decade and has now started her a unique hair-care collection, Saratonin.

Born and raised in Sweden, Sara began training in her home country, and was subsequently licensed in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Viklund has worked on multiple shows at New York Fashion Week the past two years. Additionally, she has worked with established publications and celebrities around the world.

Having worked across the globe, Viklund gained expertise in every texture, color, and style of hair. Sara now resides and works in Manhattan. Inspired by the city’s energy and fluidity, Viklund realized there was something missing in the vast ocean of hair products already on the market. Most hair products are gender specific, overly saturated with chemicals, and only work on a certain texture of hair.

Equipped with extensive training, celebrity testimonials, and a sensational natural chemist team, Sara founded Saratonin.

As the name suggests, Saratonin is all about feeling good.

Our mission is to provide clients and stylists with products that embrace, instead of limit, one’s natural hair texture. With a commitment to excellence, the entire line is made in the United States using plant-based ingredients infused with organic essential oils. Our company’s focus is on educating and empowering clients to use products seamlessly in the comfort of their own home, without needing to go to the salon. Saratonin is a unique blend of nature, innovation, and performance.

Saratonin stands for simplicity and sincerity which is reflected in our logo and in the good that is in our jars.